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Promoting your online shop

All of our shop sites are built with search engines in mind, that means clean and precise code mixed with keyword rich content. Unlike most other online shop providers all of our pages use search engine friendly URLs - this includes for your categories and listings (see example below).

Unfriendly search engine URL: www.onlineshopsite.co.uk/cat/id909=101/

Friendly search engine URL: www.onlineshopsite.co.uk/websites/online-shops/

This is cutting edge technology and allows us to give our customers an edge in the battle to rank higher in search engines. However it doesn't end there, there are a number of things that you can do yourself to promote your online shop and try to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

So you've got your shop site... now what?

There are many ways to promote your website, whether you have a large budget to spend on marketing or no budget at all.

For those with a larger budget you can set up accounts with search engines where you pay to have an advert appear when potential customers search for certain key phrases. This technique can produce extraordinary results and increase traffic to your website, however it can also end up costing alot as you pay per click. The most important thing with these ventures is to monitor the performance and results, then measure that against the cost to you.

If you have a smaller budget, or don't want to invest much into the shop until it has paid for itself then there is still alot you can do! One way search engines measure a site's importance is to assign it a rank, this rank is determined by how many other sites link to it, taking into consideration the content and quality of the incoming link and how relavant it is. So basically try and get as many sites as possible to link to you, ensuring they are sites providing information relative to your own.

Of course don't forget that you can promote your website using leaflets, or in magazines and newspapers.

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